Suzy Sirloin® - The Finest Quality Meats for 5 Generations Suzy Sirloin Pork

The “Suzy” behind Suzy Sirloin® is an east coast cowgirl. She is the quintessential all American meat lady. As a fifth generation member of the Strassburger meat family, Suzy has known she would step into her father’s shoes at since she was four years old. Strassburger Meats is a very high end meat company specializing in Berkshire Pork and Prime and aged beef. Now, with twenty years experience behind her, Suzy is taking the business to a new level by creating a new brand: Suzy Sirloin®.

Having a Masters in Beef Advocacy that focuses on beef safety, environmental stewardship, and modern beef production, Suzy gives lectures all over our country and as far away as Hong Kong to promote American meat. She also carries with her a tradition of unwavering commitment to honesty, loyalty, and attention to detail in everything that she does.

Having done her homework on what is important to meat consumers today, Suzy promotes the idea that a healthy diet consists of lean protein, and only offers products that are the centerpiece of a memorable dining experience. 

Striving to be the best in her field, Suzy has also created a web site dedicated to the meat industry called Please visit the free website that provides a wealth of information on all things “meaty”—best cuts, beef organizations, food safety, and industry facts.

Suzy Sirloin® is passionate about her craft and will continue to provide her customers with the highest level of service and quality from this generation to the next.

I would like to thank all the people involved with this project.
I appreciate all your great ideas, opinions and taking time out to help.
I am very grateful.